You Don't Have To Live With Leaking, Drafty And Ugly Windows.

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Windows fail for many reasons: age and use, repetitive seasons of extreme hot or cold weather, poor original product install or low quality materials. When you need a stuck or drafty window repaired, there's only one company to call: Scotty's Exteriors. Scotty's provides full service window repair and replacement in Waite Park, MN and the surrounding areas. Our window solutions will protect your home from rain, snow and ice, mosquitos and other flying insects. You need to protect your property from intruders who can gain access to your home through windows that are weak and do not provide adequate security.

Are Your Windows Starting To Crack Or Leak? It Could Be Time To Replace Them.

When you need aging, drafty or leaking windows replaced, there's only one window installation company to call: Scotty's Exteriors. Scotty's can handle all of your window replacement needs. Place that call to Scotty's today if your windows are:

  • Foggy
  • Drafty
  • Rotting
  • Leaking
  • Cracking

Don't Let Drafty Windows Cause Your Energy Bills To Rise.

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Broken window? When it happens follow these steps for dealing with broken windows.

What to Do When a Window Breaks: 4 Steps for Peace of Mind ...

Step 1: Clear up the mess. Don't allow shattered glass to cause injury to people, children and pets.
Step 2: Secure the window opening. ...
Step 3: Contact your insurance company. ...
Step 4: Call a window repair and replacement professional.

It's Important To Repair Broken, Drafty Windows As Soon As Possible.

No matter what kind of windows you have, trust our experienced team to get those critical repairs done fast.

Broken windows and windows in general disrepair, can:

  • Ruin your view
  • Lower your curb appeal
  • Cause your energy bills to skyrocket
  • Leave your home or commercial facility vulnerable to break-ins
  • Allow insects and rain to enter your structure

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